6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015 (Pt. 2)

January 16, 2015

Continuing from 6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015 (Pt. 1), below, we will reveal some more reasons why putting a will in place this year – if you don’t already have one – can be crucial.

Here’s Why You Should Make a Will this Year 3 – To choose your beneficiaries

6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015
Choosing your beneficiaries and minimizing future estate taxes are two more important reasons to make a will in 2015. Contact us for experienced help.
When you make a will, you have the power to specifically name – or specifically not include – certain people as beneficiaries to your estate. This can be a very compelling reason to make a will, as:

  • You may have specific ideas of who should get what after you pass away.

  • You may have children from previous marriages who you want to ensure get certain assets or property.

  • You may have had fallings out with some close relatives and want to specifically prevent them from trying to get their hands on your assets after you pass away.

Here, it’s also important to point out that, in addition to choosing your beneficiaries, you can also set up special provisions in your will to try to minimize future disputes over it (which, again, may be a viable concern if you’ve had a falling out with a close relative who you think may try to cause more trouble after you pass away).

For example, as you make a will now, you can include provisions like “no-contest clauses” (or terroreum clauses). These clauses can specifically state that people who raise challenges to the validity of your will can be completely disinherited from it if their contests are unsuccessful.

4 – To minimize future estate tax obligations

Depending on your assets and the nature of your estate, the future estate tax obligations that may be imposed after you pass away could:

  • Be expensive and crippling
  • Cause a significant portion of your assets, which you want to go to your loved ones, to go towards paying taxes.

However, if you make a will now, you can put certain estate planning tools in place to minimize these future tax obligations and, in doing so, save more of your assets for the people you love.

We will point out some final important reasons to make a will in the conclusion to this blog series that will be posted soon – don’t miss it!

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