Joint Tenancy

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A joint tenancy is a form of ownership in which at least two people possess equal shares in some property. In a joint tenancy, when one of the owners (or a “joint tenant”) passes away, the property or assets held in the joint tenancy will automatically be transferred to the surviving tenant(s) without formal probate.

By allowing people to bypass probate, a joint tenancy can end up saving people a lot of time, stress and money; however, joint tenancy is not for everyone, as the possible drawbacks may outweigh the benefits in some cases.

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Transferring Property Held in a Joint Tenancy in North Hills, CA

When a joint tenant passes away, the process for transferring the property held in a joint tenancy to the surviving joint tenant(s) is generally as follows:

  1. A certified copy of the death certificate will need to be obtained.
  2. The surviving joint tenant(s) or a family member of the decedent will need to complete and sign an affidavit regarding the death of the joint tenant.
  3. The affidavit will have to be notarized and then submitted to the court (and the associated administrative court fees will have to be paid).
  4. Once these documents have been reviewed by the proper authorities, the property held in the joint tenancy will be transferred to the surviving joint tenant(s). In cases when there is just one surviving joint tenant, the joint tenancy will no longer exist.

Additional Important Information About Joint Tenancies in San Fernando Valley, CA

  • Most commonly, real property like homes, buildings, land, etc. are the assets held by a joint tenancy. Bank accounts, stocks and other property may also be held in joint tenancies.
  • There are some tax issues that have to be considered when developing a joint tenancy, particularly when high-value assets are being held in this type of ownership.
  • With homes, forming a joint tenancy may prevent a surviving joint tenant from taking advantage of a step-up in basis (for the purposes of capital gains taxes).

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