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In the state of California, any estate with assets greater than $100,000 (that have not been placed in an appropriate trust or that do not qualify for an exception) may need to go through a court-supervised, formalized process known as probate.

Probate can be a rather complicated and lengthy process and may require several months (and sometimes even a few years!) to complete. During this time, the rightful beneficiaries of the estate assets may be left without adequate resources with which to survive. As such, it’s important that you seek the assistance of experienced legal counsel to navigate this process. A skilled San Fernando Valley probate attorney can minimize the inefficiencies typical of probate, help ease the administrative burden, and negotiate a favorable resolution to any conflicts as they arise.

The Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman in Los Angeles County, CA provides experienced guidance and assistance through estate and probate administration. If you need to speak with an attorney about probate, trust administration, or another important legal matter, contact our law office in North Hills, California by calling 818-264-4285.

The Purpose and Procedure of Probate in California

Probate is a court-supervised legal process through which the estate is “closed” and all assets therein are identified, accounted for in full (with consideration to various taxes and debts), and distributed to the eventual beneficiaries. California probate administration involves the legally-adequate execution of such tasks.

If navigated poorly, the probate process may lead to inconsistent and unfair distributions, unnecessary delays, and payments to purported creditors that could have otherwise been avoided. Faulty probate administration in CA may also lead to genuine conflicts between the beneficiaries.

For example, if the probate proceedings at issue lead to an interpretation of an ambiguous distribution provision in the Will that undermines the distribution of assets to one of the beneficiaries, then that beneficiary may contest the proceedings and further delay asset distribution. Such contests are best avoided, but doing so requires effective negotiation on the part of the probate administration attorney.

Generally speaking, a probate administration attorney is hired (by the Executor of the estate, or by a personal representative of the deceased) to handle the probate process. Thereafter, it is the co-responsibility of a probate administration to determine whether the Will is valid and to clarify any ambiguities that may be present in the language of the Will.

The probate administration attorney must also notify all beneficiaries (and creditors) of the impending probate hearing. Throughout the process, the probate attorney will work to verify estate assets, identify relevant parties, and resolve beneficiary conflicts, all while under the supervision of a probate court judge.

Compassionate Guidance Through Probate Administration in Chatsworth, CA

For those serving as personal representatives of an estate in California, our North Hills law firm provides comprehensive representation throughout the probate process. We will guide you through your responsibilities and ensure that all requirements are met, from opening the estate to filing taxes to paying creditors to distributing assets.

Attorney Darrell C. Harriman can help you through each step of the complex CA probate administration process, including:

  • Sending out required notices to heirs and creditors.
  • Checking for medical liens.
  • Preparing an inventory for valuation by a probate referee.
  • Marshaling and liquidating assets.
  • Preparing final reports and accounts.
  • Working with clients and accountants on estate accounting and tax matters.
  • Connecting you with professionals to help organize and sell estate assets.

In addition to serving California residents as personal representatives, we also work with out-of-state clients managing California estates. In many cases, we can handle the probate for you or provide long-distance assistance.

With more than 38 years of experience in estate planning, trust administration, probate administration, and family law in California, we are fully qualified and prepared to assist you and your family with any legal challenges.

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