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Los Angeles Area Estate Planning Lawyer Helps Clients Set up Conservatorships in California

When an adult is no longer able to care for his or her financial affairs, health, or other daily living functions, a conservatorship may be necessary. People seeking the appointment of a conservator for a California resident can make a petition to a probate court.

The laws and procedures involved in a conservatorship proceeding are highly complex and are best handled by an attorney familiar with the local probate courts and procedures they follow. If you are seeking or opposing a conservatorship in Los Angeles County or the surrounding areas, we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman in North Hills, California.

Putting Your Mind at Ease When Establishing a Guardianship in Northridge, California

A conservatorship proceeding can be an intense and emotionally draining experience. Petitions for the appointment of a conservator are often filed with the probate court by children of a sick or injured parent.

It is a deeply saddening experience for children to see their parents in a state of dependence. Children want the best for their parents and often do not know where to turn when their parents are no longer capable of caring for themselves.

At the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman, we handle the legal challenges of our clients so they can focus on the personal issues that matter most to them — their parents, their children, their careers and their daily life.

We do all we can to provide each client with unsurpassed legal representation so our client can be confident that his or her case is being handled in the most competent and professional manner possible. Sometimes, just knowing that you have a dedicated legal professional looking out for your rights and best interests can be a tremendous source of calm and reassurance.

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