Protecting Trust Beneficiary Rights

Protecting Trust Beneficiary Rights in California

Porter Ranch Estate Planning Attorney Protects the Rights of Trust Beneficiaries in California

When trusts are created on behalf of beneficiaries, the beneficiaries of that trust will have certain rights even if it takes some time for them to obtain the assets or property granted to them by the trust. Knowing what these trust beneficiary rights are and ensuring that they are properly protected throughout the trust administration process can be critical to beneficiaries’ peace of mind, as well as their claims to certain assets.

If you have been named as a beneficiary of a trust, you can rely on the experienced San Fernando Valley trust attorney at the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman to:

  • Clearly explain your trust beneficiary rights.
  • Stand up for your rights and defend your interests.
  • Raise the appropriate challenges when your rights have been violated.
  • Always provide you with the highest-quality legal services.

An Overview of Trust Beneficiary Rights in Los Angeles, CA

While the beneficiaries of trusts can have a number of different rights, the following highlights some of the most important rights for beneficiaries to be aware of:

  • The right to challenge the validity of trusts – When beneficiaries suspect that any terms of a trust (or an entire trust) may not be legitimate or legal, they have the right to contest the trust in court.
  • The right to be notified of changes to trusts – When any major changes involving the trust take place, beneficiaries have the right to be informed of these changes in a timely manner. Such changes can include a settlor of a living trust passing away (thereby changing the living trust into an irrevocable trust), a trustee stepping down and new trustee assuming this role, etc.
  • The right to be kept up-to-date about trusts’ accounting activities – While California law states that trustees are legally required to report a trust’s accounting activities to beneficiaries at least once a year, such reporting must also be carried out whenever beneficiaries make formal requests to be updated about a trust’s accounting activities.
  • The right to sue trustees for breach of fiduciary duties – In the event that beneficiaries believe that trustees have failed to live up to their fiduciary duties, beneficiaries have the right to pursue legal action against these trustees by filing breach of fiduciary lawsuits against them.
  • The right to have an attorney represent them – This is the most important of all of the trust beneficiary rights, as the representation of an experienced lawyer can be indispensable when it comes to protecting trust beneficiary rights and interests.

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