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Independent contractor agreements define the terms under which a contractor will provide services to a business. While independent contractor agreements can protect the individuals who are working for a business, they are also crucial to protecting the business that has hired that contractor.

If your business will be hiring independent contractors at any point in the future, the trusted Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley business attorney at the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman can help you draft comprehensive independent contractor agreements to appropriately protect your business. You can learn more about your options for independent contractor agreements by contacting us today.

Independent Contractor Agreements in Mission Hills, CA: What Should Be Covered?

Although the specific terms of independent contractor agreements should be tailored to a business and its needs, in general, the following are some of the most important terms and issues that should be covered by well-drafted independent contractor agreements:

  • The specific work or services that will be provided by the independent contractor.
  • The qualifications that an independent contractor has to provide the work in question.
  • The compensation the independent contractor will receive for this work.
  • How often independent contractors will be paid and how these payments will be made.
  • Whether independent contractors may be eligible for benefits from a business (in addition to monetary compensation).
  • The party responsible for providing the equipment or materials independent contractors may need.
  • How long the independent contract will remain under contract (or how long the contract will be in effect).
  • Whether independent contractors can hire their own staff to complete the work in question.
  • Whether independent contractors may be barred from working for a business’ competitors while completing work for the business.
  • How disputes that may arise between independent contractors and business are to be resolved (i.e., whether these disputes must proceed through mediation or arbitration).

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