Who to Contact After a Loved One Dies

The loss of a loved one can be as painful as it may be disorienting. This can make knowing who to contact when a loved one dies confusing and potentially overwhelming – especially if this is the first time a death has put you in a position to have to manage a decedent’s affairs.

Although every situation will be different, in general, here’s who should be contacted after a loved one passes away.

Here’s Who to Contact after a Death

  • Law enforcement officials to get an official pronouncement of death (if necessary) and/or to have them periodically check on the decedent’s home (if it will be empty).
  • The decedent’s loved ones to inform them of death – Here, it can be helpful to delegate the responsibility of calling family members to other loved ones (via a phone tree, etc.).
  • The decedent’s bank(s) to check if (s)he had a safety deposit box (where the will may be located).
  • The investment advisor and/or accountant of the decedent to find out more about the extent of the decedent’s financial holdings.
  • The insurance company that issued the decedent’ life insurance policy to find out more regarding filing a claim (if the decedent had life insurance coverage).
  • The Social Security Administration to find out about potential death benefits (and/or to stop the payment of other benefits, such as disability and/or retirement benefits).
  • An experienced estate administration and probate attorney for professional advice regarding the next steps to take.

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