Probate Glossary: Common Probate Terms Defined

As overwhelming and complicated as the California probate process can seem (and, in some cases, be), understanding the commonly used terms associated with this process can be helpful, especially for those who have never gone through it before.

Here’s a list of the more important probate terms to know, along with straightforward definitions for each of them. When, however, you need experienced help with and superior representation in California probate, don’t hesitate to contact the Santa Clarita and San Fernando probate lawyers at the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman.

A Helpful Probate Glossary

  • Administrator – The person named in the will and/or appointed by the Court to oversee the probate process and the distribution of the will’s assets.
  • Beneficiary A person named in the will to inherit a certain asset.
  • Decedent – The person who has passed away and whose estate will be the focus of the probate process.
  • Estate – The property a decedent has left behind. This will include all personal and real property owned by the decedent upon his death.
  • Intestate The situation in which a decedent does not leave behind a will. This can include situations in which a will is deemed invalid by the court (because, for instance, the decedent was “not of sound mind” when the will was drafted/executed).
  • Probate – The legal process of validating a will and resolving the matters of a decedent’s estate. While the probate process will include paying all of an estate’s creditors and taxes, it will also involve inventorying, appraising and – ultimately – distributing the assets of the estate.
  • Testate – The situation in which a decedent does leave a valid will behind.
  • Trust An estate planning relationship in which the assets of one person (the trust maker) are held by another (the trustee) on behalf of a third person or party (the beneficiary).

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