Man Leaves $1 Million Estate to Actors He’d Never Met

Almost all of us have at some point admired a famous athlete, movie star, musician or other celebrity. Whether we live in Los Angeles or across the country, we may never even meet them, let alone befriend them. But it can be fun to imagine what it would be like to develop a personal relationship … Read more

Homeless Heir to Fortune Dies Before Receiving Inheritance

Recently, a strange case of estate planning has left some individuals asking questions and wondering about their own wills. A multi-millionaire heiress has died, leaving behind a vast fortune for her family to fight over as allegations fly that the elderly woman was manipulated into leaving her fortune to outsiders and cheating family out of … Read more

Children May Inherit Your Money, but What About Your Values?

If you have children, you’ve probably thought about what you will pass down to them in your will. If you don’t have a will, now is a great time to start, especially because none of us knows when it will become necessary. And if you haven’t done much thinking about what you should leave to … Read more

Generation Z Overconfident About Inheritances

It seems that a fair number of Gen Z kids, those ages 13 to 22, are expecting a big payday when it’s time for the reading of their parents’ will. After all, big inheritances are often the story line in movies, TV shows and the stuff of urban legend. Unfortunately for the kids, it’s probably … Read more