How is a Will Read?

The loss of a loved one is never easy to deal with. It can become even more stressful when it’s time to sit down for the reading of the will. You might already know what’s in the will, what you will inherit, and what other family members will inherit if your loved one had this … Read more

An Essential Checklist for Drafting a Will

Writing a will may seem morbid, complicated and overwhelming – but it does not have to be. Taking the time to properly plan for your estate, your loved ones and yourself in the future can give you (and your family) peace of mind that, regardless of what tomorrow may bring, the appropriate safeguards in place. … Read more

Are Holographic Wills Legal in California?

As long as holographic (i.e., hand written) wills meet certain requirements, yes, they can be considered legal and valid in the state of California. Requirements for Holographic Wills in California In order for a California court to deem a holographic will as valid, that will must satisfy the following requirements: The will is written by … Read more

4 Places to Look for a Will After a Loved One Passes Away

When a loved one dies, starting to deal with the business of the will is, unfortunately, something that will have to be done. To do this, however, you first have to find it – and that can be harder than expected. Where to Look for a Will If you find yourself on the hunt for … Read more

4 Essential Tips for Executors of Wills

Being the executor of a will or the personal representative of an estate can be an honor, as it means that a loved one trusted you to carry out his or her final business. Serving in these roles, however, can also be as involved as it may be complicated, particularly for those who have never … Read more