California Trustee Duties: Here’s What You Should Know (Pt. 1)

Stepping into the role of a trustee can be empowering, but it does come with some significant responsibilities. In fact, trustees in the state of California are legally required to carry out some specific duties – i.e., their trustee duties – and failing to do so could result in them being sued for breach of … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts?

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No Trust Set Up for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Children

Every person approaches estate planning a little differently; and rightly so, as it can be an extremely personal experience. People are thinking not only about their own future and financial security, but also of the future and financial security of their loved ones. That is why it can be important to remember that what might … Read more

Trustees Fighting for ‘Reasonable Compensation’

There are a number of estate planning issues that are fairly straightforward and once they are settled, there is rarely a need to readdress them. However, if an estate plan includes a trust, there can be concerns that come up long after the creator of the trust has passed away. For example, trustees for a … Read more

Disney Trustees’ Decisions Called into Question

There are many people across California who set up a trust as part of their estate plan. Often, managing these trusts is long-term and complicated process. It is very important for people to consider the duties and responsibilities that may be required of trustees before assigning these roles. Trustees are expected to manage a trust … Read more