How Much Does Probate in California Cost?

The costs of California probate will vary from case to case, depending on the specific circumstances and possible challenges associated with a particular estate. While you can get more specific answers about what to expect in terms of your probate costs by contacting one of our experienced Santa Clarita estate & probate attorneys, what we … Read more

4 Important Facts to Know About Probate Notifications

Probate, the process of verifying a will and settling an estate, usually takes at least six months to resolve in the state of California. While there are various phases to the California probate process, one of the first steps will be to make sure that notifications about the impending probate process are sent out to … Read more

3 Myths About California Probate Debunked

Probate is known for being a lengthy, potentially costly process, especially if decedents did not leave behind a valid or up-to-date will. While many people generally know these facts, there are a lot of misconceptions about probate out there. And believing the myths about probate can mislead people into not putting the proper estate plans … Read more

What Assets Are (& Aren’t) Included in California Probate?

California probate can be a complicated process, especially for larger estates. Regardless of the size or an estate, however, there are certain assets that will typically pass through probate in California – or that usually are exempt from California probate. Understanding this as you develop an estate plan or as you get ready to probate … Read more

Overview of Probate Court Costs in California

Although probate costs in California will vary from case to case, according to the complexity of an estate and how long probate lasts (among other things), the court costs for probate are typically standard, only varying as the court updates them or for different types of court petitions. The table below provides an overview of the most … Read more