Another Dramatic Turn for Whitney Houston’s Estate

When iconic singer Whitney Houston passed away in 2012, the tabloids were full of stories examining the entertainer’s troubled relationships. These relationships came under intense scrutiny as the details of Houston’s will were released. According to reports, much had changed since the time Houston drafted her will 10 years before her death.

One of the main concerns regarding her will stemmed from the inheritance she left to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Houston reportedly specified that her daughter should start receiving portions of her inheritance at the age of 21. However, in the time since the will was drafted, sources say that Bobbi Kristina exhibited signs that she would be too immature to handle receiving such a large inheritance at 21, which should have prompted Houston to revise her will accordingly. She did not do this, and now family members are concerned that Bobbi Kristina — and her surprising new husband — could be destroyed by the money.

The issues regarding whether Bobbi Kristina is capable of handling her enormous inheritance have been further complicated by her recent marriage to Nick Gordon. Readers probably do not recognize this name, but Gordon was also raised by Houston. He is not her biological son, but reports suggest that Houston raised Gordon and Bobbi Kristina together as siblings.

Not only has the nature of their relationship come into question, but so has the timing of their marriage. Bobbi Kristina recently turned 21 and received her first payment from her inheritance, which is estimated to be at least $1 million. The decision to get married at such a young age, and to Gordon specifically, has many people concerned that Bobbi Kristina does not have the maturity to handle such an enormous sum of money.

All the drama and confusion that has been caused as a result of Houston’s estate planning should serve as a strong reminder to readers in Los Angeles that revising an estate plan and setting appropriate limits can be crucial. Without these protections in place, loved ones can be left confused, angry and vulnerable.

Source: Forbes, “Whitney Houston’s Family Is Fighting – Is Estate Money To Blame?” Danielle and Andy Mayoras, March 31, 2014