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Don’t Forget About Your Digital Life Late Actor James Gandolfini Leaves Much of His Wealth to Children Trend: Inheritances Being Distributed to Heirs at Older Ages Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Could Have an Effect on Estate Plans Protecting Estates of any Size is Important Tips for Making the Probate Process Easier in California Estate Planning for the Super Wealthy: Give it all Away Tips for Los Angeles Parents Leaving Inheritances to Children Make Sure to Address Potential Estate-Planning Pitfalls Even With $40 Million Estate, Man Never Completed a Will When’s a Good Time for Estate Planning? the Sooner, the Better Supreme Court Hears Case on if Widow or Ex-Wife Gets Inheritance Be Sure Your Family Actually Wants What You’re Leaving Them Estate Planning Means More Than Just Settling up Your Finances Man Convicted in Parents’ Death Can’t Inherit Their Assets Famed Hairdresser Sassoon cut Adopted Son out of His Will Onetime Movie Star Making bid to Reclaim Control of His Estate Health-Care Issues are on the Table for Estate Planning Judges: I Feel Good About Vetoing James Brown Estate Deal Doctors can Assist in Communication With Health Care Proxy Trust Ensures That Jerry Buss’ Family Will Hold Onto Lakers Man leaves $1 million estate to actors he’d never met Estate Plans Must Take Digital Assets Into Account Put Your Trust in the Hands of a Professional Estate Planner 6 Years After Death, Anna Nicole Smith’s California Home Sold Mother of Honey Boo Boo Smartly Sets up a Trust for Her Homeless Heir to Fortune Dies Before Receiving Inheritance What Should You Consider When Selecting a Trust Administrator? 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