6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015 (Pt. 3)

January 24, 2015

Ending our blog series 6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015, below, we will highlight some final ways in which putting a valid will in place now can be invaluable for you and your loved ones.

More Crucial Reasons to Make a Will This Year 5 – To help your loved ones avoid probate in the future

6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015
Having peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be protected in the future is one of the most important reasons to make a will now. Contact us for help.
Probate can be a contentious, costly and complicated process that could end up compounding your loved one’s emotional and financial stresses after you pass away. In fact, while probate can last months, in the most complex cases, it could drag on for years, leaving your assets tied up in court instead of in the hands of your loved ones who may need them.

So, why not take some time to now prevent such future headaches by devising a will? Depending on your assets, debts and estate, you may be able to set up various types of trusts or other estate planning relationships that can:

  • Directly pass certain assets to your loved ones (like, for instance, passing a home onto a surviving spouse)

  • Allow your loved ones to get through probate far more easily or, better yet, sidestep probate altogether.

6 – To give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind

The reality is that we never can predict what tomorrow will hold for us. If you end up passing away without any will in place:

  • Your loved ones can be left with some significant financial burdens.
  • Your minor children can end up being cared for by people whom you would not have selected.
  • Your precious assets could be drained away to taxes and court costs, leaving very little – if anything – behind for the people whom you love.

So, give yourself and your loved ones some invaluable peace of mind by taking some time to make a will in 2015. Once you have a will in place, you can alter at any point in the future as your life circumstances may change. What cannot be done, however, is going back in time to make a will and properly protect you, your loved ones and your estate after a life-altering event occurs.

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