6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015 (Pt. 1)

January 8, 2015

With the New Year upon us, now is a good time to take stock of your major accomplishments of past year while setting some important new goals for yourself in 2015. While you may have various professional or personal goals you want to achieve this year, one of the more important things you should consider doing – if you haven’t done so already – is to draft a will and get your estate in order.

In this blog series, we will reveal some of the most important reasons to make a will and why doing so this year (instead of putting it off further) may be crucial for you and your family.

If you have questions about drafting wills and/or your best estate planning options, you are encouraged to contact an experienced San Fernando Valley wills and estate planning lawyer at the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman. All of our legal professionals are dedicated to helping you with your estate planning needs while giving you invaluable peace of mind for the future.

Reasons to Make a Will: Here’s Why Having a Will Is So Important

6 Important Reasons to Make a Will in 2015
Here are some of the most important reasons to make a will in 2015. For more info and help, contact trusted San Fernando Wills Attorney Darrell Harriman.
Making a will is so crucial because it can help you:

1 – Protect yourself

Regardless of your financial status and wealth, making a will gives you the opportunity to specify your wishes for the future in the event that you become injured or incapacitated. In fact, through your will, you can set up the following protections for yourself:

  • A financial power of attorney, through which you appoint a specific person to oversee your financial affairs in the event you become unable to do so for yourself. For instance, if you have a business, setting up a financial power of attorney can be critical to ensure that your business’ operations and other important financial affairs are appropriately managed if you can’t do this for any reason in the future.

  • A medical power of attorney, through which you select a particular individual to carry out your health care wishes and/or make important decisions regarding your health care in the event you cannot make these decisions for yourself in the future. For example, if you end up in a coma or you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, your medical power of attorney can ensure that your wishes regarding your health care and end-of-life directives are appropriately carried out.

In the event that something incapacitates you and you don’t have a will in place, important decisions about your finances and/or health care can lie in the hands of complete strangers (like judges).

2 – Protect your children

Protecting your children may be far more of a concern for you than protecting yourself, and if it is, taking the time to make a will now can also be critical to this end. In particular, through your will, you can do the following to ensure your children are protected in the future after you pass:

  • Appointing guardians for your minor children
  • Setting up trusts for any of your children, including those who may have special needs.

Without a will in place, if you end up passing away, custody of your children may end up going to someone whom you would not have chosen, and/or assets that you wanted to hand down to your children may end up going to other people or places.

To find out some more important reasons to make a will sooner, rather than later, make sure you check out the second and third parts of this blog that will be published in the near future. Or simply contact us today.

San Fernando Valley Will and Estate Planning Attorney at the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman

Are you ready to draft a will and get your estate in order? If so, the trusted San Fernando will and estate planning attorney at the Law Offices of Darrell C. Harriman is here for you. When you make the smart choice to move forward with San Fernando Will and Estate Planning Attorney Darrell C. Harriman, you can be assured that you will have an experienced, skilled lawyer helping you with all of your estate planning needs.

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